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This article describes all the things you need to know about our affiliate program.

- Introduction
- Brief explanation

- Point by point
- Advertising Campaigns & Rules

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All over the world, sales in the cosmetics sector, every year, for all brands, are measured by billions of dollars (euros or Swiss francs). Why not take part in this active and juicy market?
We provide you with our affiliate program that will help you to be part of this market and logically allow you to make an income according to your work.

Brief explanation

The affiliate program allows you to earn or generate an income (small or large depending on your work) by referring customers to our site and making a purchase. The commission you earn currently is 10% on each sale you generate (excluding tax and shipping fees).

Commissions are generated and saved using your link (url) which is assigned to you in your affiliate control panel.
These commissions will be paid to you each month on your PayPal account (other payment methods could be used).

Point by point

  • As a first point, you must have a strong desire to want to make an income and a certain conviction that you can work on the length and that you can do it!
    It is creativity, consistency and persistence that will make your work pay off for you, and thus make money.
  • To start you simply must create an account on our site. (the affiliate account will be created automatically).
  • Once your account is created, log in, and go to the Affiliates Dashboard where you will find all the information concerning your account, whether statistics, your affiliate link (url), banners available to use in your advertising campaigns, etc.
  • Your affiliate link (url) is in the lower part of the control panel and looks like this: which is essentially composed by any link on our site followed by your affiliate ID, in this example: ?a=3 . Another example of your link:

    Conclusion, add your affiliate ID to any link of our site.
  • The sales you generate are recorded in the system thanks to your link, while knowing that the potential customer who clicked on your link has 30 days to make a purchase so that it is registered as your referral.
If the potential customer who clicked on your link makes a purchase after 30 days of clicking on it, the purchase will not count towards your affiliate account.
  • The commission is currently set at 10% on each sale you generate.
  • The payments of your commissions are made every month for a minimum of C$ 20.- This means that your commissions will have to exceed C$ 20.- for which to be paid. Otherwise they will pass (accumulate) for the next month or until they exceed C$ 20.-
  • Payments are made with PayPal. If you prefer another means of payment, you can communicate it to us by email at 


Advertising Campaigns and Rules to Respect

  • There are some rules that must be respected with online campaigns. Explanations below.
  • Your creativity is limitless, you can use all social media, emails, blogs, photos, videos, etc. Without forgetting of course to use your affiliate link (url).
  • Banners are also available in your Affiliate Space. You can either use the code provided to you or download them to insert them where you want, and add your affiliate link (url).
  • Offline work is possible, but in this case you will have to make sure that your potential client is using / clicking on your affiliate link because otherwise, the sale will not be counted in your affiliate account.
  • Consistency. You must post or carry out campaigns constantly to be able to attract the clientele you want. You have to be almost tireless.
  • No SPAM. So, watch out for this point which ultimately affects everyone. Although it takes consistency and persistence in your work, you should never fall into SPAM. That is to say, we are not going to start posting everywhere every hour, or send repetitive emails to people even if they are your friends, etc. YOU MUST HAVE LOGIC AND ETHICS everywhere.
  • Also, in the context of spam, you should be aware that your account could be closed by our administrators if we receive complaints or if we observe activity that exceeds the limits of the permit.