What are bio cosmetics ? Definition

We have listed in our previous article some elements that are considered as causative of fine line and aging signs appearance. An additional factor is the use of certain unsafe cosmetic products that due to either their chemical composition criteria or the lack clinical and stability studies may be harmful to the skin. In this blog we will talk about the importance of ingredients in the cosmetic products and the advantages of bio cosmetics.

Common cosmetic products are usually formulated using chemically synthetized ingredients. Such ingredients may contain chemical impurities and residuals during the chemical synthesis process. Those undesirable chemical impurities (also known as by-products) and residuals may be harmful to sensitive skin leading to reactions and cutaneous eruptions. With repeated use, the by-products diffuse into the blood stream throughout the entire body. While the skin absorbs the active ingredient, these impurities will deteriorate it. This effect reduces considerably the benefits and the efficacy of the classical chemically based cosmetics.

What about bio cosmetics products ?

The Medical Dictionary defines the Bio Cosmetic products as: “Cosmetics containing biotechnology-based products or that have a mechanism of action based on biologic principles”. Having the action of the product based on biological mechanisms and body response increases the effectiveness of Bio Cosmetic products. The use of biotechnology-based products reduces considerably the need of chemicals hence eliminates the presence of impurities increasing the safety of the Bio Cosmetic products. The use of rich natural ingredients increases the longevity of the product and maintains its efficiency. It is important however to have a balanced formulation with clinical and stability studies when using organic ingredients and Bio Cosmetics, since an ingredient source still does not guarantee it's safety, as supported by the FDA.Hence, as with any other cosmetic products, make sure to verify that the product is well resourced and has been tested when looking for organic or Bio Cosmetic claims. That is why our anti-aging products have been tested as hypoallergenic and anti-irritancy by certified Canadian dermatologists.

At Nassani Cosmetics, we used the Resveratrol in our Anti-aging Collection, which is a natural ingredient found in grape vines. Our Advanced Anti Aging Moisturizer est formulé avec 24 extraits naturels représentant 80% des ingrédients. L’utilisation de nos produits bio cosmétiques entraîne une réduction considérable des ridules et des rides, donne une sensation de tiraillement à la peau et plus de luminosité et une apparence plus jeune.
And you, what do you think now? Which type of cosmetics are you going to use for your skin?